Audition Guidelines

Registration Instructions: it is highly recommended that you register online prior to the casting date to ensure your audition.

Step 1:

READ the eligibility requirements to make sure you qualify.

Step 2:

REGISTER. Please register on the “La Voz” Official Casting Site. You will be asked to fill out an online form and upload a video (optional).

Please note: Notwithstanding your submission of a video, you MUST attend an open cast audition in person at any of the audition cities.

Once you register you will receive an email with your participant number which you must add to your Casting Application found in Step 4.

Although not required (but highly recommended), the deadline to register is the day before your audition.

Step 3:

VIDEO. If you wish to upload a video of yourself, you can paste your link in the registration page.

Guidelines for creating your video:

  • Perform one (1) song and tell us about yourself – be creative!
    • Performance can be a cappella, to track or with an instrument you play.
    • Choose the song you can perform best, English or Spanish, it’s your choice.
    • There is no time limit on your video.
  • Please note: Notwithstanding your submission of a video, you MUST attend an open cast audition in person at any of the audition cities.

Step 4:

CASTING APPLICATION PACKAGE. You must print the casting application (download) and bring it with you to your casting completely filled out.


Please Bring:

  • Casting Application Package completely filled out.
  • Two (2) valid government issued identifications.
  • Two (2) songs with the instrumental tracks on a USB, CD or cellular phone. You may also bring an instrument.
    • Songs can be by any artist and from any genre (Pop, Rock, Urban, Tropical and Regional Mexican, etc.)
    • Pick songs that fit your voice and best represent the artist you are.

Family, friends, managers, vocal instructors, etc. will NOT be allowed in the audition room.

If you require special accommodations due to a disability or other need, please contact our casting team prior to your audition at:

Come dressed in a style that represents you as an artist. Do NOT come in “chicken costumes.” We are looking for serious artists ONLY.

Please plan to be at the audition all day.  We suggest bringing snacks and water.  Please check the weather in your audition city and plan accordingly as some audition venues have outside waiting areas.

The coaches will NOT be at the open call auditions.



  1. Be Yourself.
  2. Pick songs that suit your style (genre). Show us who you want to be as an Artist!
  3. Be original! If you think a song has been overdone, chances are, it has been! Show us originality and pick something not as common, but still relevant.
  4. What we mean by relevant – Pick well known songs. These can be anything that fit your style and genre.
  5. Sometimes nerves get the best of us. Pick songs that you know you can sing well and carry out under pressure!
  6. Dress to impress! Wear what you would wear if you were to land a “Blind Audition.”
  7. Remember to have fun! Show us your personality and energy!
  8. You’re unique in your own way. Don’t overthink your audition. Don’t compare yourself to others.